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How to cleanse and charge your crystals

Beauty Stone cleansing crystals

The one thing I love about receiving a new crystal is the chance to bond with it first by cleansing and charging before putting it to good use. When you first receive your crystal you don’t really see the long journey it had before you, from being taken from a mine to dealing with different handlers to vendors to moi to you, crystals have a long journey and they take all that energy with them. This is why we recommend to cleanse and charge your crystal first thing and routinely cleanse and charge it each month. If cleansing and charging a month is too much for you, then don’t worry your crystal will let you know when it really needs a good cleanse, it will start to look less shiny and will feel heavier holding onto a lot of negative energy. At Beauty Stone we cleanse and charge all crystals before sending out but I recommend you take a moment to program it and set it with good intentions. We want you to start fresh with your crystal so here are our top ways to cleanse and charge.


Like I have said in the past, crystals have a constant energy that works well with us humans since our emotions and energies are constantly changing. Our crystals work well because they absorb all the negative and emit the positive to make sure you live your best life! Trust me, it’s good to purify them on a regular basis, especially if you use them often or with others.

When we cleanse our crystals we are cleaning the stone of its stored energy, both good and bad. Some of my favourite and easy ways are:

  1. Smudging. Smudging is by far my favourite way to cleanse and purify my crystals. For one, I like the smell and two, I feel like I can actually see the energy being uplifted and floated away. Smudging involves burning either smudge sticks or incense sticks and holding the crystals in the smoke to cleanse the stored energy. I personally like to use palo santo but we also recommend sage and sweetgrass, sandalwood, or cedarwood – all have lovely smells! Smudge sticks release certain elements into the air via smoke which can effectively remove bad and built up energies. Use your hand or a feather to fan the smoke across the crystals. 20-30 seconds is long enough. I also use palo santo and sage to clear my home of negative vibes so might as well kill two birds with one stone.

  2. Dirt. I know it sounds weird but crystals love to be connected to the earth. Take your crystals and stones and bury them in your potted plants around your home. For those who are fancy bury them in your garden and be sure to remember where you place them. A crystal doesn’t mind getting lost in the soil but we sure do! Placing them in the dirt connects them to the earth for a natural cleansing.
  3. Water. Cleaning your crystals in water is a great way to neutralize any negative energy and return it back to earth. What you do is fill a glass bowl with water, add some salt and place your crystals in the bowl until fully submerged. Leave them in there for 2-24 hours. Rinse your crystals after spending time in the salt water to remove any remaining salt. Throw away the bowl of water – no one wants that bad energy water and towel dry your crystals. For some extra love, add lavender, basil, or sage to enhance the cleansing affect. *Just be careful! Not all crystals are meant to be put in water some can change colour, dissolve, rust or crack so be sure to check out my safe list for which crystals can go in water.* Crystals that are safe are clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, citrine, tigers eye, and aventurine.
  4. Sound. Another way to cleanse your crystals is by using sound. Singing bowls, gongs, or music is a great way to remove impurities. Crystals have a powerful vibration to them and sound also emits a strong vibration. These two vibrations work together in harmony to cleanse and clear. Sound your instrument until you hear the vibrato. Do this a few times.

Cleansing Crystals


Now that we have cleansed our crystals, we now need to charge them so they work in their fullest capacity and are energized again. Charging is by far my favourite part because I feel like it’s a special step of the process and my crystal feels lighter and happier afterwards. Here are my top ways to recharge:

  1. Moonshine. The moonlight is my fav choice. The energies from the moon give it a gentle recharge, the moon has a feminine power to it which is probably why I like it the most. Simply leave your crystal in the moonlight overnight and wake up to a happy crystal. Take a look at your calendar to see when the next full moon or new moon comes and I would recommend leaving them out on those nights.
  2. Sun Rays. Sunlight is another natural energy that can energize your crystals. Leave it under the sunlight for a day or two to absorb the different energy. The sun provides a stronger energy than the moon as the sun will super-charge your crystals and give it more drive and focus. Just be careful, as some stones fade in direct sunlight over time, like your quartz and amethysts.
  3. Ocean. If you live near running water such as a river, lake or ocean then take your crystals with you and place them in the water. Be careful not to lose them so I recommend placing them in a mesh bag first. You can let them sit in the water for about 10-20 minutes. This way is great if you want to cleanse and charge your crystals at the same time.
  4. Other stones. Large quartz clusters, amethyst geodes and selenite trays are a great tool for clear and charging smaller stones. I personally use my selenite stick and wave it around my other crystals for a boost of energy or I place my smaller stones on top of selenite and let it charge overnight.

Each method of cleansing and charging is completely personal and there are plenty of more ways, these are just my top favourites and the easiest methods. After you have cleansed and charged your crystal it is ready to go! However if you just received your crystal then I recommend programming it and setting intentions with the stone so it resonates with what you are looking for. Here is how…

Programming your crystal

Sitting quietly with your crystal is good for so many reasons. Taking a moment out of your busy day to sit with yourself and notice what you need and want out of life is a very positive thing. It's nice to come home from a busy day, put down your phone and connect with yourself and crystal earth. Take this time to sit with your crystal, understand what you want and help clear your mind of stress. 

Sit quietly away from distractions and your phone. Hold on to your crystals either in your left hand or out in front of you. Clear your mind and focus on the stone. Think about what you need in life, what you need help with and think about the specific energy you want to program the crystal with. Transmit the energy and thoughts from your mind directly into the stone. Be clear and concise. If you give the stone too much it will be confused. Don’t overload the crystal just simple repeat what you want with affirmation. Repeat three times. Voila! You are good to go!

Storing your crystals

Most crystals are fragile and need some extra love and care. At Beauty Stone all our crystal come with a pouch to keep your crystals safe for storing. If your crystals are on the move, then we recommend keeping them in the pouch for a safe place. If you want to place your crystals in your home then I recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight.


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