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Shungite: the digital detox stone

Shungite stone - Beauty Stone

Shungite is a black, non-crystalline that contains fullerenes. It is the only natural source of fullerenes. It is formed 98% carbon and comes from Russia. The origins of shungite are unknown as some believe it came from a meteorite but we still are unsure to this day. 

The fullerene content of shungite is where its healing properties come from. It is believed to be a miracle stone that can help in the treatment of physical health ailments, boost mental health, and induce positive energy. 

Fullerenes are powerful and long-acting antioxidants. Antioxidants react with free radicals and stop the chain reactions that can lead to cell damage and degenerative diseases. Fullerenes help normalize cell metabolism, increase enzyme activity, give stability to cells, and boost the regenerative capacity of body tissues. They have anti-inflammatory properties, and can help reduce pain and stress. Shungite, being a rich source of fullerenes, offers these health benefits to the individual using it.

Shungite has been put to medical use since the 18th century. It is known as the stone of life. It possesses antibacterial properties, and can be used for water purification. History has it that, Peter the Great, the ruler of the Russian Empire in the 17th century, had set up a spa in Karelia, Russia, where shungite's water purifying properties were used. It is said that he had the soldiers in his army carry a piece of shungite with them, which was probably a factor that helped the army in the Battle of Poltava.

Shungite is an Earth Chakra stone, which is to say, it helps provide grounding. Using this stone (wearing it or carrying it with you) offers a good grounding and its associated benefits. This means, it neutralizes the excess charge from your body by draining it into the ground. It also protects against radiations from television, cell phones, computers, microwaves, and the like.

Benefits of Shungite:

  • protects against electrosmog ie. phone radiation, TVs, computers
  • induces recovery and speeds up the process of healing
  • absorbs negative energies and offers protection from anything negative and harmful
  • used to purify water
  • help achieve a positive transformation
  • strong and grounding

How to use:

  • Place your Shungite pyramid in places where you spend a lot of time during the day - near the bed, on your desk in your office, or living room.

  • Place a pyramid near all devices that are sources of various types of radiation—such as your television, computer, microwaves, radio receivers, wi-fi hot spots etc. to neutralize any EMFs.

  • Placing a Shungite pyramid in your office is said to increase the work performance and productivity of the people present around them. It creates a field around itself, which improves nervous and emotional conditions to positively affect emotions and moods within the office.





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