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beauty stone co | beauty crystals
beauty stone co | beauty crystals
beauty stone co | beauty crystals
beauty stone co | beauty crystals
beauty stone co | beauty crystals

Looking Good: Beauty Crystal Pouch

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We believe beauty starts from within. These beauty crystals work together to find your inner goddess and help you radiate from the inside out. The energy these crystals hold help align your inner self, remove energy blocks and stimulate new energy to flush out the old and feel your ultimate best.

Rose Quartz
Color: light pink
The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz helps to activate the heart and fill your body with positive energy and self-love. The Ancient Egyptians believed Rose Quartz was an anti-aging stone and would use them in their facial and bath routines.

Color: turquoise
The stone of the mermaids, Aquamarine connects us deeply to the energy of the ocean, cleansing our bodies to balance our emotions. This crystal brings eternal youthfulness and is the perfect crystal for a calming night-time beauty routine.

Color: pinky purple
Known as Cleopatra’s beauty stone, Lepidolite is a beautiful stone believed for anti-aging and rejuvenating your body and soul. This stone has a natural anti-anxiety property that works to calm your mind and restore balance and harmony.

Color: purple
Known to promote a better night sleep, Amethysts also attract a positive energy and helps release feelings of stress and anxiety. Amethyst helps detoxify and cleanse your mind and skin of toxins helping you feel refreshed and purified.


Crystals make beautiful home decor but quartz crystals should not be in direct sunlight or they will fade in colour. Place your crystals where you can see them everyday or keep them in their velvet pouch.

Note: Be careful of Lepidolite near water, as it will start to flake and breakdown.

Place our Beauty Crystal Pouch in your bathroom, where you get ready for your day and night routine. We recommend placing in your vanity near your products or in a drawer for safe keeping. 

All crystals are shaped and look differently, no two crystal are alike. Crystals will vary in size but will be 1- 2". 

This product comes with 4 crystals, a white velvet travel pouch and description card.