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Rose Quartz Crystal Hair Comb Beauty Stone Co
Rose quartz crystal hair comb beauty stone co

Rose Quartz Crystal Hair Comb

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This beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Comb is a luxurious way to step up your hair game. This crystal comb is a beauty ritual tool, use it daily or once a week turning a daily habit into a serene experience while promoting good vibes throughout your hair. 

The ancient Chinese named it “combing therapy”and believed in the powers of a good scalp stimulation to relax and encourage hair growth. As you comb your hair you are simultaneously stimulating the scalp, creating resonance with the core qualities of the stone, and influencing your entire energetic system. Making it a perfect self-care and meditative practice. You can also use the comb for energy and massaging the back. 

Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra, supporting the gentle opening and clearing of any blockages or imbalances there. It eases stress in the body, calms anxiety and promotes self love and inner beauty. 

How to useThis luxe comb is best used after detangling your hair and should be an addition to your post-brushing ritual.

Additional Info100% Rose Quartz Crystal, each comb is unique, not one comb is the same. This comb is 4" long and 2" wide.