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T H E   G O A L

Beauty Stone Co are curated crystal pouches and tools that are carefully thought out to support you with your self-care goals. We want them to be utilized as a force of positive energy in a world that can seem so overwhelming at times. We truly believe crystals are a powerful reminder that the universe is on our side and whatever type of energy we radiate is what we receive in return. At the very least we want to spread harmony, good vibes, and a beautiful product.


E M I L Y ' S   S T O R Y

Our founder, Emily wanted to create a product around the intention of spreading self-care, mindfulness, and holistic beauty, this is how Beauty Stone was founded. As human beings we allow our self-care to be put on the back burner and end up being consumed with the stresses of everyday life. This then leads to a breakdown of the body and mind; which can cause disease, depression, insomnia, and hormonal issues. By exploring different outlets of self-care such as exercise, meditation, and daily affirmations we can begin to heal from the inside out. Beauty Stone crystals are intended to be infused into these self-care routines, so they can harness and emit the powerful energies associated them. 

After Emily's initial encounter with crystals and the positive experience she had with them, we began to do more research on the diversity of crystals that are available to us. We learned that each stone is unique and carries its own individual properties and combined with other specific stones their healing powers can be amplified. We began to wonder, which crystals would support my sleep? Which would give me more energy on those sluggish days? Which would provide elements of concentration and grounding during a tough work day? Once we furthered my education on the subject, I began collecting different crystals and combining them into my everyday self-care and beauty routines.

Beauty Stone Co products are produced in Vancouver, BC and are available for purchase online.