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Divine Energy Crystal Beauty Stone Co
Divine Energy Crystal Beauty Stone Co
Divine Energy Crystal Beauty Stone Co

Women: Feminine Crystal Pouch

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Feminine energy is undeniable in this world. Femininity flows through us everyday, it creates life and fiercely protects those that we love. These crystals are the essence of Girl Boss energy. They help us find our voice, radiate unique feminine powers, and carry love and harmony around us.

Color: pearly white
The stone of new beginnings, Moonstone promotes feminine powers, sensuality, and inner strength. It soothes emotional pains and enhances good fortune in love and success. The magic of the Moonstone is it helps you tap into your intuition and learn to trust it. Also aids with fertility and hormones. 

Rose Quartz
Color: pink
The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz brings self-love, tolerance, and compassionate vibes. It is the caring, peaceful feminine energy that opens your heart and reminds you what you are capable of. 

Black Tourmaline
Color: black
While the other crystals help to charge and strengthen your inner goddess, Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy and protects emotions. While feminine energy is a pilar of strength, women carry a lot of extra emotions and baggage that makes us vulnerable. Black Tourmaline is the protection we need and care for.  

Color: clear to white
A protective crystal, this stone help access your inner goddess and communicate more clearly with your highest self. Selenite promotes honestly and removes energy blockages to cleanse your mind to make good decisions. 

Crystals make beautiful home decor but quartz crystals should not be in direct sunlight or they will fade in colour. Place your crystals where you can see them everyday or keep them in their velvet pouch.

Place our Feminine Crystal Pouch anywhere your goddess needs it most. We recommend carrying it in your purse so you are always reminded of your strength or keep it on your dresser as a daily reminder.

All crystals are shaped and look differently, no two crystal are alike. Crystals will vary in size but will be 1- 2". 

This product comes with 4 crystals and a white velvet travel pouch.