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Jade Eye Mask
Jade eye mask beauty stone co

Jade Eye Mask

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Our Jade Eye Mask is an essential piece to add to any luxury beauty routine. Empresses in China have used jade masks for thousands of years, as this mask seeks to soothe and relax. Jade is thought to have healing and calming properties, and this intricately woven mask of Jade stones features a cool and weighted design that can help with sinus pressure as well as reducing the look of puffiness and wrinkles.

Naturally, Jade as a stone has a low temperature so it’s always cold, this gives it the benefit of helping to constrict blood vessels in the skin, which then soothes puffiness. The heaviness of the Jade Mask against the skin and pressure points gives an amazingly relaxing sensation. Just lay back and relax, let the mask do the rest.

Benefits of our Jade Eye Mask include:

    • soothes and relaxes facial tension
    • tighten skin and reduce puffiness
    • assists to relax your mind and body
    • great for allergy sufferers that need relief from sinus pressure
    • anti-stress relief or minimizing headaches as the eye mask compression

How to useAfter using your serum of choice and/or jade roller, lay the cool mask over your eyes and take a few long breaths and feel all the tension release. Leave it on as long as you like - meditate and relax.

*It’s common knowledge that your sleep position can cause fine lines, and it can also cause puffiness if you sleep face-down. To deal, find a comfortable upright position and then place this calming eye mask on in the morning for 15 mins. 

Additional Info: Place the eye mask in the refrigerator to help with puffiness and minimize pores. It will stay cold much longer than a gel mask since it's made of stone. 

Size and shape: Each eye mask is made from 100% grade A Xuiyan jade. This mask is natural stone, so each mask is unique in shape and colour. 10 inches x 4 inches in size.