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Love Magnet: Love Crystal Pouch
Love Magnet: Love Crystal Pouch
Love Magnet: Love Crystal Pouch
Love Magnet: Love Crystal Pouch
Love Magnet: Love Crystal Pouch
Love Magnet: Love Crystal Pouch

Love Magnet: Love Crystal Pouch

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No matter what love is an inevitable part of our lives. Whether you are looking to attract love, nurture a relationship, or need some more self-loving, these crystals will work together to enhance the experience of love all around you.

Rose Quartz 
Color: light pink
Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for attracting love and drawing in self-love. With strong properties of love, kindness and compassion, this crystal will empower you to love yourself and in return love others. It can also be a wonderful stone for self-healing and restoring love and trust back into your life.

Color: black and pink
Rhodonite is a supportive and nurturing stone that is ideal for healing a broken heart. As the stone of forgiveness it can help you let go of any emotional pain and bring back a boost of confidence to inspire you to find what you are looking for.
Green Aventurine
Color: green
Known as the stone of love and luck, Green Aventurine is the perfect gem if you need some extra luck in your love game. This stone’s energy will give you the confidence to shed the past and bring on the new. 
Clear Quartz
Color: clear
Known as the master healer, Clear Quartz brings clearing and purifying energy to yourself and other crystals. This crystal resonates with your higher self and can be manifested to help with any issue in the past to promote emotional and mental clarity.


Crystals make beautiful home decor but quartz crystals should not be in direct sunlight or they will fade in colour. Place your crystals where you can see them everyday, or for safe keeping, place them in their velvet pouch.

Place the Love Crystal Pouch anywhere your heart needs it. We recommend keeping it in the bedroom or place it in your purse as a constant reminder that you are worthy of love.

All crystals are shaped and look differently, no two crystal are alike. Crystals will vary in size but will be 1- 2". 

This product comes with 4 crystals, a white velvet travel pouch and description card.

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