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Rainbow Moonstone | Beauty Stone Co
Rainbow Moonstone | Beauty Stone Co
Rainbow Moonstone | Beauty Stone Co

Moonstone - tumbled

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The stone of new beginnings, Moonstone promotes feminine powers, sensuality, and inner strength. It soothes emotional pains and enhances good fortune in love and success. The magic of the Moonstone is it helps you tap into your intuition and learn to trust it. 

Carrying vibrations of light and spiritual healing reminding us that we are all one. It is strongly connected with the feminine Cycle, aids with fertility and hormones. 

Use Moonstone as part of your manifestation rituals to enhances your manifesting. 

Benefits of Moonstone:

  • Manifesting
  • New beginnings
  • Intuition
  • Feminine Energy

Additional Info:

Place moonstone near the bed or under the abdomen to improve difficult reproductive, hormonal and fertility issues.

Moonstone is approx. 1.5" in length. This is a tumbled stone. All crystals are shaped and look differently, no two stones are alike. 

This product comes with 1 crystal and a white velvet travel pouch.