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Rainbow Fluorite Healing Point Beauty Stone Co
Rainbow Fluorite Healing Point Beauty Stone Co

Rainbow Fluorite Point

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Rainbow Fluorite is another must have in your collection. This beautiful, multifaceted coloured crystal comes in various hues of green, purple, blue and white. Rainbow Fluorite Point is a crystal of focus, clear-thinking, and creativity. It absorbs and neutralize negative vibrations, while being more receptive to the vibrations of other stones.

Known as the Genius Stone, Fluorite should be kept in every room of the home and is great to study with or for any productivity. It helps with:

  • increases concentration
  • clears mental fog
  • helps in decision-making 
  • keeps you focused on tasks and organized
  • helpful for inspiring new ideas
  • grounding and harmonizing energy

How to use: Place this healing point energy generator in your home to promote a positive flow of energy in your home or sacred space. Keep this point in your living room or office, or hold the crystal towards you to feel highly protective and productive.

Additional Info: Point is 3" in length and 1" wide, large sized. This is a polished point. Each crystal point comes with a Beauty Stone velvet pouch.