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Beauty Stone Co Everyday Crystal Pouch
beauty stone co | bag lady everyday crystals
beauty stone co | bag lady everyday crystals
beauty stone co | bag lady everyday crystals
Beauty Stone Co Everyday Crystal Pouch

The Bag Lady: Everyday Crystal Pouch

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Not sure which crystals you need in your life? Looking for some overall positive vibes? This crystal pouch is designed for those who need a little bit of everything. From self-love, to new confidence, and a healthy glow this pouch has you set! This pouch was also designed after Victoria Beckham, a crystal lover, she keeps crystals in her purses so she always has them on the go. 

Color: orange - red
This stone will motivate and inspire you to be your best self. Carnelian will give you an energy boost and help you feel confident and courageous throughout the day. Adele's fav she will always have a Carnelian stone near her before a concert.

Rose Quartz
Color: light pink
Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal for attracting love and drawing in self-love. With strong properties of kindness and compassion, this crystal will empower you to love yourself and in return love others.

Color: purple
This all purpose stone is a healing crystal both mentally and physically. Helping to relieve stress and give you a sense of calmness, Amethyst is the perfect stone for meditation and a peaceful sleep.  

Color: yellow
A joyful and happy stone, Citrine is the best crystal to improve your mood and confidence. It activates your mind to bring happiness and transforms any negativity into positivity. 

Green Aventurine
Color: green
Known as the stone of love and luck, Green Aventurine is the perfect crystal if you are looking to attract love and luck into your life. This crystal helps create lasting relationships and sheds you of old ones. 


Citrine and Rose Quartz should not be kept in direct sunlight or they will fade in colour. Place your crystals where you can see them everyday, or for safe keeping, place them in their velvet pouch.

This pouch was designed for people on the go. Carry it safely in your purse and have a mix of positive healing crystals with you at all times. 

All crystals are shaped and look differently, no two crystal are alike. Crystals will vary in size but will be 1- 2". 


This product comes with 5 crystals, a white velvet travel pouch and a description card.