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Work Space Office Crystal Pouch | Beauty Stone Co
Work Space Office Crystal Pouch | Beauty Stone Co
Work Space Office Crystal Pouch | Beauty Stone Co
Work Space Office Crystal Pouch | Beauty Stone Co

Work Space: Office Crystal Pouch

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We spend most of our day at work, sitting at our desk and staring at a screen. These mix of crystals will work to cleanse you of harmful frequencies, give you mental clarity, and bring you luck and stress-free energy into your space. They add a beautiful touch to your office as well!

Black Tourmaline
Color: black
Black Tourmaline, the protection stone, works to cleanse the negativity around you to keep you balanced and grounded. This stone is best kept near your computer and phone to absorb harmful radiation, keeping you focused and clear minded.
Color: yellow
Citrine, a stone of positivity and light, is the best crystal to have in your work space as it adds a vibrant and happy energy to your area. Also known as the “Merchant Stone”, Citrine can help you manifest abundance and success in your career.
Clear Quartz
Color: clear
Clear Quartz brings new and purifying energy to your space. Helping with clear communication and intention, Clear Quartz will help you get rid of distractions, keep you focused and be an environmental stress clearer.

Green Aventurine
Color: green
Known as the stone of luck, Green Aventurine brings success and prosperity to your office. Connected closely with the heart, Green Aventurine will help relieve chaotic stressful situations and bring a calm effect to your space.


Place your crystals where you can see them everyday or keep them in their velvet pouch for safe keeping.

We recommend placing your Work Crystal Pouch on your work space to bring your positive and stress-free energy. Place Black Tourmaline in between yourself and your computer for protection. 

All crystals are shaped and look differently, no two crystal are alike. Crystals will vary in size but will be 1- 2". 

This product comes with 4 crystals, a white velvet travel pouch and a description card.